VoiceoverGPT is a tool where you can upload a screen recording of a demo and get a voiceover for it. Built using OpenAI's new GPT-4 Vision & TTS APIs. Follow us on twitter to get the latest updates.

v 1.00

VoiceoverGPT Launched

Thrilled to announce the launch of VoiceoverGPT!


VoiceoverGPT is a tool that allows you to upload a screen recording of a demo and receive a voiceover for it. The voiceover for this demo is also generated by the tool itself.

This tool is built using the new GPT-4 Vision & TTS APIs from OpenAI.


  • Upload a screen recording and get a voiceover
  • Uses OpenAI's GPT-4 Vision & TTS APIs
  • High-quality voiceover generation
  • Easy to use interface
  • Completely online, no installation required
  • Supports a variety of video formats
  • Customizable voiceover options